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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Earth Day

To help celebrate Earth Day here are ome great money- and energy-saving dish washing tips from
Get the dishes ready before you wash
Scraping or soaking dishes as soon as your meal is done makes cleaning them later on much easier. And when cleaning is easier, you don't have to change the dish water as often or work as hard.
Have a plan
Start with the least dirty dishes first, giving the more heavily soiled dishes more time to soak and clean. This also makes your dishwater last longer. Hooray!
Turn off the water
This seems like a no-brainer, but it's a great way to conserve water that people don't often follow. Instead of rinsing dishes one at a time under a running faucet, dip them in a dishpan of hot water or wait until you have a group to rinse.

Of course, using Palmolive® Pure + Clear™ liquid dish soap helps, too — it's concentrated so you can use less to clean a whole lot more. It's also a safe formula to use at home since it contains no unnecessary chemicals or heavy fragrances, and is made from biodegradable cleaning ingredients with non-irritating dyes.


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