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Monday, August 1, 2016


My Organizationally Challenged Genius - Life with an ADHD/ODD Child

Tracker Jacker - From the book series and movies, Hunger Games - Tracker jackers are genetically engineered waspsTracker jacker venom can also be used to "hijack" a person's mind. 

This is how my 12-year old son feels. 

In the beginning....

When C was in Kindergarten - we noticed impulsivity. He's 5, that's how 5-year old boys act, right? Not according to his Principal and teacher. After many meetings they were shoving "medicate" him down my throat. We're the parents - that is our choice not theirs. And we were not ready, nor were we sure his mind had been Hijacked. 

Mid-way through the year, after several long conversations with the Principal at Narrows View Primary in University Place, we pulled C from the Tacoma Public School District and put him in Mrs. Smith's all-day Kindergarten class. Oh Mrs. Smith, was she in for a long 5 months! But she was trooper. Not once did I ever hear it's time to "medicate" your child. We still had our meetings with the Principal and the teacher. And we began to notice a pattern. My child is very literal. Once he was punished on the bud ride home. He was out of his seat and the bus driver told him to sit down and so he did, in the middle of the row. He was punished for sitting on the floor. The drivers stopped immediately and I received a phone call about my student's behavior. When I asked how he was asked to sit down I was told "He was asked to sit down" ....aaahh.... and he did exactly what he was asked. See you did not ask him "Please sit in your seat." This was the beginning of his hijacked mind. 
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