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Friday, August 29, 2008


And the winners ARE!

Here are the winners of the What Every Mom Needs books:

jceko77 said...
The How Sweet it is Candy Buffet is definitely my fave part of the whole conference:)

Mary512 said...
I got an invite to the conference, but I don't think I can attend. I would love to go though. I'd like to hear the keynote speaker Trisha Novotny, and all the perks like freebies, candy bar, and goodie bag sound like fun! Great giveaway, thanks.

Leane said...
I like that there is an event just for freebies.....these can really help you find some great products that you may not have had the money/chance to try on your own.

Ginny said...
The workshops look so good, especially photography! I wish I could go to it!

Melissa said...
Oh, I'd love to go to the Simple Photography for capturing priceless kids photos workshop. I love taking pictures and always looking for some great tips!

Please email me your addresses so I can mail your books out!
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Friday, August 22, 2008


We care deeply about raising great kids. As Moms, we find ourselves constantly reminded about how much social skills matter: from helping children build friendships to succeeding in the classroom or on sports teams to ultimately succeeding as an adult.

From insisting on "please" and "thank you" at the dinner table to intervening in a fight over sharing toys, we Moms spend a tremendous amount of time teaching these social skills. Moreover, with our busy schedules, we often end up enforcing skills such as sharing, listening, collaborating, cooperating, and good manners in high stress situations, reacting to our child's failure to exercise these skills.

A recent Mom Central survey of 950 Moms nationally found that 98% of us Moms consider social skills very important to our children's development while 85% of us experience frustration and tension when teaching these vital skills. Additionally, the survey revealed that 99% of us want more creative, innovative, and fun ways to teach our children social skills.

Hasbro took our struggle to heart. As the maker of such family classics as Candy Land, Battleship, Scrabble and Clue, Hasbro wanted to provide playful and effective learning games to help us raise kids who listen well, cooperate with others, share with friends, get along in groups, and act respectfully to teachers and adults.

After two years of research and creativity, Noodleboro has arrived. Just released, the three Noodleboro board games each come with an accompanying CD for car rides or playtime and books for story time to enhance the valuable lessons:

* We struggle to get our kids to listen and pay attention, and in the Pizza Palace Game, they must do both while taking our pizza orders. Although they might normally tune us out (when we only want mushrooms on one slice), listening becomes a fun challenge.

* The Fun Park Game mirrors every family outing you have ever taken - your child must cooperate and work with you to make decisions about what to do next. Sharing and teamwork becomes creative and exciting as well as applicable to your family's every day life.

* The Picnic Basket Game reinforces manners, which prove effective to chase away ants and make the picnic run smoothly. From passing the lemonade to sharing the sandwiches, there's no room for acting crabby and grabby. We would love to invite you to enter to win one of the 200 Noodleboro games we will be giving away over the next month. We will notify you by mid-September to let you know if you have been chosen as one of the winners. Enter here!

Good luck and look for the Noodleboro games this fall as they start appearing in a store near you!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Wolf PUP Weeks!

From September 1 - October 8 (Sunday through Thursday) you can get a Family Suite starting at $179!

Use the Promo Code: PUP
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Little Man's talk with God

So Little Man and I had a discussion this weekend about the word God and what is a appropriate usage of the word. All of a sudden he came from daycare one day saying "Oh my God." I explained to him that this was not an appropriate use of the word God and that is was kind of a bad word the way he was using it. I explained to him when talking to God it is okay to use his name but to say "Oh my God" it not nice. So this conversation was had in the car and Little Man says, "Is it a bad word to say God." As i start again into my explanation he states "Mom I am not talking to you. I am talking to God and he said it is not a bad word!"

So needless to say that conversation did not work so well! Any suggestions?
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My RANT for the week.

Okay I don't RANT a lot, well at least publicly but here it is.

So I live in Washington State. And for those of you who do not live here it rains A LOT!

So I am just curious, who is the genius who keeps building all theses drive-thrus with NO overhang where you order and pick-up? You get SO stinking wet!

Biggest offenders, Starbucks, Taco Time.

BEST places to go: McDonalds, banks, and that is about all I have found so far!
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Monday, August 18, 2008


I've adopted!

I have adopted a military pen pal. There is this GREAT program called Reagan Round Up. And they allow people to adopt deployed military personnel.

I sent my first letter today!

Why write and send care packages? Why not? If they can work 12-16 hour days under some highly stressful conditions, we can find time in our day to write something upbeat and hopefully interesting enough to take their mind off of where they are at for a little while.

I am very proud of our military men and women. My husband is a former Marine and we have TONS of friends still active in the Army. So I decided what better way to show my appreciation than to write it down.

I URGE all my readers to check out this great program.
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Friday, August 15, 2008


Pregnancy Journal

For those of you who have not been told. We are expecting! I am 8 weeks along and have been VERY sick! (due March 30th) So I have been keeping this journal below and wanted to share it with everyone.

7/15/2008 - So today I had an appointment with Anne and she referred me to Seattle Reproductive. So I made the appointment. I have not been feeling well the last couple days. Sick to my stomach and most of all sore boobs. SO I decided to take a test for the heck of it and SURPRISE it was positive. So I guess I can cancel that reproductive appointment! Well I will hold onto it for now. But I did make an appointment to see the OB next Thursday.

7/21/2008 - So since I miscarried last time I have to admit I have taken four tests. All still positive, getting much darker lines now. Most of all I find I cannot overeat or I feel sick. Having some digestion issues. Like eating then pooping. Most of all my boobs well feel like beaten cantaloupes and permanent headlights!

7/22/08 - Argh! Just got a call from the OB's office and they have to reschedule my Thursday appointment because the provider had an emergency, not my problem! SO I insisted upon being seen with a previous miscarriage. So my GYN called and said she did not need to see me but did want to do blood work to make sure things are progressing okay.

7/23/08 - Got the blood tests back! We are OFFICIALLY pregnant! hCg level at 1,230 and progesterone at 21.18. I go back again to re-test on Thursday to make sure the hCg is still climbing. My new appointment is set for 7/31/08. Can't wait for the first ultrasound! Even though "she" only looks like a peanut I can still see "her" heartbeat. Yes I am predicting a girl!

7/31/08 - Well the appointment went good, I guess you could say. Just a lot of questions with the medical assistant and blood work again! No Ultrasound until August 26th! Man that is a long time to wait. We have started telling people, so some of you may already know by now and some not!

8/4/08 - Well the nausea comes and goes. I don't remember this with Carson. But I feel like I am constantly eating. Like every hour, small meals. But don't eat too much or else it comes back up! I made the mistake of waiting too long to eat lunch man did I feel sick! Talked to nurse too, okay for me to lift 25-30 pounds and chiropractor and massage okay just let them know we are expecting.

8/6/08 - EWWWEEEE no more Taco Bell for me! Coming out both ends! Yes I know TMI~

8/9/08 - Well the morning sickness seems to be more before noon now a days. I can almost eat half a meal for dinner now! But I still feel like I am constantly eating. Tomorrow we are going to BBQ at Kelly's. I need to go shopping first and get some "healthy" snacks. Like carrots and ranch. Well at least half of it is healthy!

8/13/08 - So yesterday I felt the WORST I have felt so far. I had to go home I was so sick. So after some research I can prepared today. Saltines, ginger snaps and Papaya Enzyme. I also found that the Mint Preggie Pops help A TON!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I have been holding onto this secret. Well many of my readers already know about this site I wanted to share it with everyone else. This GREAT blog has TONS of give-a-ways everyday. This is also where I post all of my give-a-ways. So if you have not already signed up to get their daily e-mails I suggest you do! I have not won anything yet, but have purchased TONS of great things from these sites based on recommendations from other moms!

Have fun and good luck!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Gookie Dawkins

I was listening to the radio last week about the DJ who had to tell his 2-year old that her favorite baseball player had been traded. This reminded me of when we had to tell Little Man the same thing last season. Last season Gookie Dawkin was traded from the Tacoma Rainier's mid-season and in the middle of a home stand. For a while my son kept asking for him. Then he started to write him letters and we sent them to the Ottowa Linx. Recently when sending the letters Little Man has requested that we start writing on the back of his pictures "Gookie Come Back". I shared this with the radio station via e-mail and they informed us that Gookie was now playing for the Kansas City Royals. YEAH Gookie! The station also generously offered to by us tickets to a Royals game when they come into town next season. Thanks Ichabod at KPMS 94.1. It will be TONS of fun.

Little Man has this picture signed from when Gookie played last season!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's the North Pole Mom!

This weekend we were driving home from dinner, from the backseat I hear "Look there's the North Pole". As I turn to see what in the world my son thinks is the North Pole I see:

It was SO cute, we all had to laugh!
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Monday, August 11, 2008


Attention Allergy Sufferers!

I am excited to share with you a new exclusive Zagat Guide: Out & About with Allergies: An Insider's Guide to Enjoying the City!

Here's why I couldn't wait to request my very own complimentary Out & About with Allergies guide:Over 40 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies, and find their symptoms a hassle during the peak seasons. Their biggest complaint:simply not being able to enjoy the outdoors when nasal and eye symptoms become severe. A key for nasal allergy sufferers is to talk with their doctors to get their symptoms under control so they can truly enjoy the outdoors and fun activities like dining alfresco or visiting a park.

That's why Zagat Survey® and GlaxoSmithKline, a leader in developing allergy medicines, came together to launch Out & About with Allergies: An Insider's Guide to Enjoying the City. This cool, complimentary guide showcases chic restaurants, rooftop bars, and outdoor attractions in 20cities across the country. Each destination is reviewed in the unique Zagat style, featuring input from people who have actually been there. The guide also includes simple tips that can make spending time in the fresh air easier for adults and children with nasal allergies.
Seasonal allergy sufferer and outdoor enthusiast James Denton of Desperate Housewives authors the forword of the guide, which is available free at

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tell us how you chose your baby's name and be entered to win a $50 cash prize!*

Picking a name for your child can be a fun yet daunting experience. Some of you may have known right away what name it should be, and others did a pros and cons list on their top 10 names. Is your child named after a celebrity, a special family member, or maybe picked the moment you laid eyes on him or her? Tell us the story of how you picked your first child's name and be entered to win a cash prize!*

*Winner selected 8/13/08 and will receive a $50 American Express Gift Cheque.
Brought to you by
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Lands' End Kids' Art Contest

This project is both fun for you and your kids and will have you all smiling through the holidays! It's the Lands' End Holiday Art Contest!This year's theme is "Holiday Fun." What do you do to make it special? Go sledding? Decorate cookies? Trim the tree? Send Lands' End your best holiday drawing and your art could go from your refrigerator to their catalog.

  • Artwork must be done vertically on a single 8½" x 11" piece of paper (no matting).
  • Entrants must be 12 years old or younger as of August 14, 2008. One entry per child.
  • Entries must be postmarked by August 14, 2008.
  • Winning drawings may be published in the Lands' End Holiday 2008 issue or on the Lands' End Web site.
Three prizes will be awarded in each age group: 1 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12. The selected artists will receive:
FIRST PRIZE: $500 Lands' End Gift Card
SECOND PRIZE: $250 Lands' End Gift Card
THIRD PRIZE: $100 Lands' End Gift CardSend artwork and entry form (found at or a 3½" x 5" card with child's name, date of birth, address, telephone number and signature of parent/guardian. Entry form or index card must be signed by a parent or guardian.
Send to:
Lands' End Kids' Art Contest
1 Lands' End Lane
Dodgeville, WI 53595
For a complete set of rules, visit
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Monday, August 4, 2008


Another trip to the GWL!

I can't wait we just booked our SECOND trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for the end of August! It was such a blast the first time, we can't wait for the second trip! This time we are bringing friends! We have 4 rooms booked and they were nice enough to "link" us all together so we could be in close proximity to one another. Well off to the Rainier's game!
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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Win What Every Mom Needs

My great friend Trisha has been hard at work creating a brand new mothers group called 24/7 MOMs. This is a group for moms who have children of ALL ages and is here to help INSPIRE, EQUIP and CONNECT moms. We are moms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. YOU deserve some mom ME TIME!

Coming October 10-11th at the Wesley Inn in Gig Harbor, WA we will be hosting our first ever 24/7 MOMS Conference. With keynote speakers Julie Barnhill and Trisha Novotny. We will also have tons of fun and informative activities for moms such as:
  • MOM Favorites Event -Take home an armful of FREEBies
  • How Sweet It Is - Candy Buffet
  • Saturday Lunch
  • MOM Workshop Opportunities
  • MOM Goodie Bag
  • Late Night FUN
I am giving away 5 copies of What Every Mom Needs by Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall to 5 lucky ladies.
How to enter:
Go to the 24/7 MOMS Conference ( site and look around. Tell me what you like about the upcoming conference or some ideas of what you would like to see at a mother's conference.

Then come back here and post your suggestions. Entries will be accepted through August 25th and I'll pick the winner using US readers are eligible. Only one entry/comment per person, please. Make sure you leave an email address in your comment or that you have one accessible on your blog so you can be contacted if you win! I will also list the winner on PRIZEYwinners so if you are a subscriber to PRIZEYwinners you do not need to leave your e-mail address.

Extra Credit:
REGISTER (and pay) for the conference.
BLOG about the conference.
JOIN our Yahoo group (
SIGN UP for our monthly E-Newsletter by going to (

Please post your extra credit in a separate post. This contest will end August 25th at midnight!
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