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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Gookie Dawkins

I was listening to the radio last week about the DJ who had to tell his 2-year old that her favorite baseball player had been traded. This reminded me of when we had to tell Little Man the same thing last season. Last season Gookie Dawkin was traded from the Tacoma Rainier's mid-season and in the middle of a home stand. For a while my son kept asking for him. Then he started to write him letters and we sent them to the Ottowa Linx. Recently when sending the letters Little Man has requested that we start writing on the back of his pictures "Gookie Come Back". I shared this with the radio station via e-mail and they informed us that Gookie was now playing for the Kansas City Royals. YEAH Gookie! The station also generously offered to by us tickets to a Royals game when they come into town next season. Thanks Ichabod at KPMS 94.1. It will be TONS of fun.

Little Man has this picture signed from when Gookie played last season!


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