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Friday, August 29, 2008


And the winners ARE!

Here are the winners of the What Every Mom Needs books:

jceko77 said...
The How Sweet it is Candy Buffet is definitely my fave part of the whole conference:)

Mary512 said...
I got an invite to the conference, but I don't think I can attend. I would love to go though. I'd like to hear the keynote speaker Trisha Novotny, and all the perks like freebies, candy bar, and goodie bag sound like fun! Great giveaway, thanks.

Leane said...
I like that there is an event just for freebies.....these can really help you find some great products that you may not have had the money/chance to try on your own.

Ginny said...
The workshops look so good, especially photography! I wish I could go to it!

Melissa said...
Oh, I'd love to go to the Simple Photography for capturing priceless kids photos workshop. I love taking pictures and always looking for some great tips!

Please email me your addresses so I can mail your books out!


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