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Friday, August 15, 2008


Pregnancy Journal

For those of you who have not been told. We are expecting! I am 8 weeks along and have been VERY sick! (due March 30th) So I have been keeping this journal below and wanted to share it with everyone.

7/15/2008 - So today I had an appointment with Anne and she referred me to Seattle Reproductive. So I made the appointment. I have not been feeling well the last couple days. Sick to my stomach and most of all sore boobs. SO I decided to take a test for the heck of it and SURPRISE it was positive. So I guess I can cancel that reproductive appointment! Well I will hold onto it for now. But I did make an appointment to see the OB next Thursday.

7/21/2008 - So since I miscarried last time I have to admit I have taken four tests. All still positive, getting much darker lines now. Most of all I find I cannot overeat or I feel sick. Having some digestion issues. Like eating then pooping. Most of all my boobs well feel like beaten cantaloupes and permanent headlights!

7/22/08 - Argh! Just got a call from the OB's office and they have to reschedule my Thursday appointment because the provider had an emergency, not my problem! SO I insisted upon being seen with a previous miscarriage. So my GYN called and said she did not need to see me but did want to do blood work to make sure things are progressing okay.

7/23/08 - Got the blood tests back! We are OFFICIALLY pregnant! hCg level at 1,230 and progesterone at 21.18. I go back again to re-test on Thursday to make sure the hCg is still climbing. My new appointment is set for 7/31/08. Can't wait for the first ultrasound! Even though "she" only looks like a peanut I can still see "her" heartbeat. Yes I am predicting a girl!

7/31/08 - Well the appointment went good, I guess you could say. Just a lot of questions with the medical assistant and blood work again! No Ultrasound until August 26th! Man that is a long time to wait. We have started telling people, so some of you may already know by now and some not!

8/4/08 - Well the nausea comes and goes. I don't remember this with Carson. But I feel like I am constantly eating. Like every hour, small meals. But don't eat too much or else it comes back up! I made the mistake of waiting too long to eat lunch man did I feel sick! Talked to nurse too, okay for me to lift 25-30 pounds and chiropractor and massage okay just let them know we are expecting.

8/6/08 - EWWWEEEE no more Taco Bell for me! Coming out both ends! Yes I know TMI~

8/9/08 - Well the morning sickness seems to be more before noon now a days. I can almost eat half a meal for dinner now! But I still feel like I am constantly eating. Tomorrow we are going to BBQ at Kelly's. I need to go shopping first and get some "healthy" snacks. Like carrots and ranch. Well at least half of it is healthy!

8/13/08 - So yesterday I felt the WORST I have felt so far. I had to go home I was so sick. So after some research I can prepared today. Saltines, ginger snaps and Papaya Enzyme. I also found that the Mint Preggie Pops help A TON!


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