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Sunday, April 27, 2008


The auction is over...

Well we had the Auction last night. I had a BLAST!!! Hope everyone else did too! The preliminary number is approx. $5000. This is a very rough estimate as we have some donations still coming in as well as our expenses to take out. But I had a great time organizing this event and hope to do again. Maybe not next year, I have to do the Mother's Day Tea again next year but maybe the year after that.

Other than that we are enjoying the nice sunny weather, well until today. At the auction we purchased a Mountain Dew Pedal Car for Little Man. He took it out for a spin today in the neighborhood and LOVED it of course!!! We also bought a wonderful quilt my mom made, I LOVE QUILTS!!! Not only do I make them but it is nice to have one made by someone else.

Well off to bed now. Have a good night everyone!!!

Oh yeah only two and a half weeks left of CADD class.


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