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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I don't co-sleep

We don't co-sleep in our house. But I would if I could!

They do grow up so quickly. I want to hold them and cuddle them forever. Yes I am having a bit of "working mom guilt" and having my "baby" start Kindergarten next week does not help.

So far I have missed it all with Little Princess, the first laugh, rolling from back to tummy and vice versa. The only part I did not miss which made the guilt even more was "ma ma ma ma". Yes I know it was unintentional and she did not know she was making my heart melt, but I witnessed it first hand with daddy and brother at my side.

A good friend of mine lost her son at 23 weeks gestation. Since then I don't want to leave my kids. I've missed it all and don't want them to grow up without experiencing it all first hand with them. In an instant for whatever reason they could be gone.

Little Man is starting Kindergarten next week. I missed the first steps, his first word, his first crawl, and I don't want to miss it all for #2. I am lucky to be able to take some time off to spend with Little Princess and Little Man before his first big day at school. He is so excited to spend time with mommy.

If we could afford it I would have 5, yes I would love to have MORE children. We could probably make ends meet except medical insurance, the never ending set back.

I encourage all of you, to hug your children every day, and even though sometimes/often they can be a handful (yes I know they can, many times several times a day), tell them you love them and that you would never change anything about them. I have never thought of myself to want to be a stay at home mom. With Little Princess I feel more prepared and ready to take on that roll, but financially this is not possible.

Cherish every moment, for they vanish in an instant and only happen once. Love your children, husband or wife and family for they will always be there for you.


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