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Friday, October 23, 2009


Friday FUN!

So Halloween is quickly approaching! Are you dressing up? Are your kids? Well I am not dressing up but my kids are! Little Princess is going to be Tinkerbell and Little Man is going to be a Pirate. My great friend Trisha gave me the wonderful inexpensive way to make Little Man's costume. Check it out!
MOM Tip - With a sword carrying pirate in my home I have had to create a few quick Pirate costumes over the years.
Here is my SUPER SIMPLE Pirate costume Tip for you.
Materials Needed:
1 Red or White t-shirt
1 pair black sweat pants
1 strip of black or stripped fabric
Instructions:Top - Frey the bottom of the t-shirt making jagged cuts. (upside down triangles).
Pants - Cut the pants so they are mid calf length, then frey the bottom of each leg making jagged cuts (upside down triangles).
Belt - Cut a long strip of fabric to tie around your child's waist as their pirate belt. An old belt of yours or your husband will work as well.
Option- you can also use a smaller strip of fabric to tie around their head or use a scarf.
See more of Trisha's mom tips and sign up for her newsletter at
I will post my pics after Halloween!


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