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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


FRESH Chicken breasts just $1.49 a pound! Hurry and order before they sell out!

THE SALE IS LIVE! Head over and get your chicken before it sells out. The site is running a little slow, just be patient.

Zaycon Foods is scheduled to offer chicken again this fall at only $1.49 a pound (available in 40 pound boxes for $59.60)!

Last October I told you about Zaycon Foods, an awesome NW company that offers premium chicken boneless, skinless chicken breasts at an incredible price. I did a review and I LOVED it and so did my readers who also tried it. Zaycon Foods, an Eastern Washington business, doesn’t source it’s products to any stores, but rather they sell directly to consumers like you and me, which means they can charge less.
I’m personally going to buy another case – at $1.49/lb, a 40 lb case is only $59.60. The first case we got lasted us about four months. The chicken is never frozen, it comes straight from the farm. It was clean, not a lot of fat to trim off and the meat was great (read my review here). It’s 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. Within a couple days of getting our case of chicken I packaged it into 1-2 pound packages using our FoodSaver (which I seriously love), some even with marinades for easy meals later. I recommend the book, Fix, Freeze, Feast for some great freezer meal recipes. If $59.20 is a too much to fork over at one time, consider sharing a case with friends/family.

To order the chicken
  1. Register over at Zaycon Food Web site.
  2. One you fill out the short registration form, select your location (it will show you date/time for pick-up – make sure those dates work for you)
  3. As soon as the sale opens, you’ll receive an email and you can order your chicken. (But it’s supposed to open Tuesday at 5 p.m., so be ready!)
I admit – it seems strange to buy meat off a truck. :) But by selling directly to consumers they are able to keep the prices low. I’m able to recommend it based on our personal experience – we liked it and so did my readers.


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