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Friday, November 11, 2011


Tummy Ticklers and Belly Washers

Don't the names just SOUND fun?Both of my kids really enjoy these 100% juice treats! I REALLY like that the Tummy Tickler TOTS are 40% reduced sugar juice pre-diluted with purified water!
BellyWashers! TummyTickler! TummyTicklerTots!
100% All-Natural juice. No added sugar. Kids’ favorite 3-D character act as SPILL-PROOF spouts. BPA-Free. Age-appropriate serving sizes. Reusable, dishwasher safe.

Perfect for:

  • families on-the-go
  • packed lunches
  • car rides
  • party favors
  • healthy Halloween treats
  • stocking stuffers and more! Age: 5-10, 100% Juice, Fruit Punch Age: 3-5, 100% Juice, Apple Juice Age: 1-3, 40% reduced sugar juice pre-diluted with purified water, Apple Juice

Locate where to purchase these YUMMY Ticklers and Washers HERE
I received a free sample of this product to write this review.


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