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Monday, February 20, 2012


No waste

Being on a very tight budget now for over a year I am learning I am wasting less but still too much! So I am on a waste less journey.

Here are my first steps to Less Waste

Green onions - it seems like you never use ALL the grreen onions before they go bad. So rinse and dry an empty water bottle. Cut up your green onions and place them in the water bottle. Cap tightly and put in freezer when you need some pull them out and sprinkle out what you need. They defrost super fast! This is has saved me three bunches of green onions so far.

lemons and limes- if you have lemons and limes you are not going to use cut them up and place them in ice cube trays. Fill with water and now you have ready to go ice cubes for that hot summer day!


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