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Friday, October 24, 2008


Art Ideas for your little ones!

So my 4-year old LOVES art. He loves to do art, coloring, cutting, painting (messy factor) and look at art. Unfortunately art is messy but there are ways arouCheck Spellingnd that. But also I often run out of ideas more than anything, so we color a lot. I recently found this WONDERFUL blog called, Let's Explore - Creative Activities for Preschoolers. Personally, I feel it does not matter how old your child is, if they love art projects then you have to subscribe to this blog. The first thing I bought from their store was the rock crayons and some rubbing plates for the Bird Rubbings + Book craft. I got them in like 2 days! WOW! Quick shipping. From a post last week I was able to add the supplies to my Amazon order. I got the paint bellows and some stencils for the Autumn Splatter Tree craft. Now I just have to hold off to give them to the little one for Christmas! I highly suggest this blog! Great ideas daily.


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