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Friday, October 3, 2008


My take on the Kenmore brand!

So here I go another grip but it has to be said. I have wanted a blue washer and dryer ever since they came out. Well a little under a year ago we bought one! The first time we had ever purchased a BRAND NEW washer and dryer. Well like a said a little under a year ago and we have had NOTHING but problems with them! Within the first two weeks I got an ERROR 41 code on the dryer. I called support and she said turn it off let it sit for 15 minutes and start it again. hhhhmmm sounds really time saving doesn't it? NOT! I was furious asked "I just purchased this and I am suppose to turn it off and restart it every time I get and error message?"

So just this week we have found another annoying perk abut the washer this one is even better! So when you first start the washer cycle you get an ERROR F21 code. So I was thinking "Oh great! It's broken!" So I got online to research. Come to find out that MANY other people have this same problem and Kenmore refuses to recall the part that is making this happen. Note "part" it is not the entire machine just ONE PART. So needless to say I cannot start a load of laundry and go run errands. So here is what it does. When the cycle starts and the water starts cleaning out the soap dispenser I get the ERROR code. Then I have to hit the STOP and START button, not once, not twice but THREE times to get it to continue. So I thought "Great that is it? I can handle it." Others mentioned that is did this again throughout the cycle. But I did not have that problem. Well that lasted all of ONE day!

So now after the STOP and START button punching session at the beginning of the cycle, again with 21 minutes left I again have to push STOP and START, so far one time seems to work but tonight it took two.

Oh by the way did I tell you there is this ANNOYING beep every 10 seconds when the ERROR code are flashing until you clear it!
I hope Kenmore Googles themselves everyday and sees this. I have sent a report to consumer reports as well.

So needless to say I cannot leave home when doing laundry, which is, let's see EVERY DAY! Because if I leave it beeping our poor dog thinks it is an alarm and continues to bark until it stops. GOOD DOG! BAD WASHER!


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