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Monday, February 2, 2009


Little Man is a STAR!

This weekend we went to the Playhouse Disney Live show in Seattle. We got really lucky when buying tickets and were able to get front row seats. At past shows the dancers would dance in front of the front row which we were looking forward to. This time they chose one boy and one girl our of the front row and let them dance on stage. This time it was LITTLE MAN!!!! At the end of intermission one of the dancers came and asked Little Man if he wanted to dance on stage. Of course he said yes. Once intermission was over he went up and they were to teach the crowd how to do the "Hot Dog Dance" from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. At first Carson almost shed some tears when he did not exactly what to do. Then he looked at the guy next to him and away he went. Now I know there is no videotaping of the show but when your child is on stage you can't help it! Here is the video of our little superstar!


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