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Monday, February 16, 2009


Tales of Tanya

So I have not noticed an increase in Subway commercials on TV or radio but obviously they are there much more than I see. Little Man has started singing the "five dollar footlong" song all over the house. It is quite amusing.
Now since he know his numbers by sight he also and given us some laughs in the last week. We were driving down the street by a Little Caesar's pizza and there was someone holding a sign that said something about $5 pizzas. Little Man from the back seat yells "Look mom five dollar footlong!"
Now I really don't think he even knows what a $5 footlong is. So I explained to him it was a sandwich that costs $5.
Later in the week we visited the Babies r' Us by the Tacoma Mall. There is a Circuit City going out of business over there and again there was someone on the side of the road wit a 50% off sign. Little Man from the back again yells "Look five dollar foot long!"
Now when I see the commercial on TV which I have only seen one time I let him know and he comes in and dances and sings to it.
I think I see a Subway commercial in the making!


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That is so funny, my children are always singing that too!