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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My Holiday Goals

This year my holiday goals are to spend more time with my family. I always feel so rushed during the holidays of things we MUST do. Then it just flies by! I just want to take this year and savor my husband, kids, family and friends. I want to create lasting memories for years to come.

I want to cut some traditions, the Santa Train, Zoolights, Holiday Food & Gift Show, the list of events is endless. I want a COUPLE simple holiday traditions, one being cutting down our Christmas tree at Mitchells Christmas Tree Farm in Gig Harbor. It is a great start to the season!

I would like to focus more of the meaning of Christmas and less on gifts. I want my kids to know the true meaning of Christmas and be joyful about it. And not worried about what they will have under the tree!

I want to attend church on Christmas Eve. Seems like with all the hustle and bustle we never make it to Christmas Eve services. This year we are going.


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