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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Road Trips and Guitar Picks

Jason Aldean and Brooks and Dunn appear EIGHT days from today at the Tacoma Dome!

And man isn't Jason a cutie!

As a secretly aspiring country-western singer I love learning about where artists came from. Not many people know but before I met my husband I actually went to Nashville to check out the scene and look for housing. My friend Shannon and I were to move down there just month before I met my husband. And the rest is history...

Jason's Journey
The path to success isn't always a direct route. Jason had big dreams and worked hard to obtain them.

Jason's road trip to being a successful recording artist started at performances for just a few people in small Georgia bars. Even though he was just a kid, singing after school before he started on his homework, Jason knew that this was his start, no matter how small, and he was on his way: his journey had officially begun.

The road to success in Nashville certainly had its detours. Jason's first attempt was a success at first but then he was dropped from his record label. With determination and the support of his family and friends, Jason tried again. This time, a record label signed him and his career took off.
I received complimentary tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming concert from COUNTRY Financial! I am also the COUNTRY Financial Official Tacoma Blogger!
I am SO excited!
So onto the tour, Road Trips and Guitar Picks!

What is a Roadie?
A Roadie is someone who signs on to an artist's tour to help set the stage before each performance - it's hard work. A Road Trips and Guitar Picks Roadie signs on to the tour and gets access to artist content, updates, prizes, and more - no manual labor, just fun!

How Do I Become a Roadie?
By rocking the Roadie Quiz and playing the Wheels of Fortune game, You'll get instructions on how to create, download and print a Roadie Pass. Wear the pass to a Road Trips and Guitar Picks concert to be eligible for special prizes on-site.

What is the Roadie Ranking?
See what type of roadie you are when it comes to your financial security. The results of our quiz will let you know where you stand. Are you a Fortune 500 CEO, an Honest Accountant, or a Frugal Fran? Get your friends to take the challenge and compare the results! Are you cruisin'... or runnin' on empty!

There are games, quizzes, free music, and other free downloads.

Check it out today. Even though I won't be seeing Jewel she is part of the tour too. I LOVE her as well!

So will I see you May 1, at the Tacoma Dome?


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