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Monday, January 5, 2009


Tales of Tanya

When I was in late elementary and early middle school my grandma had a small house on Anderson Island. We used to go over there on the weekends and sew and play around. It was a small house more of a cabin. There were two bedrooms. One had bunk bed sand the other had two double beds next to each other. One day I was chasing my grandma's cockapoo, Bruno, around the house. It was set up in a circle. If you had all the doors open you could literally run around the house in a circle. So I was chasing the dog, then the dog would chase me. Running completely around the house meant jumping from one double bed to the next then down to the ground. And down to the ground is exactly what I did. It was my ankle. They took me to the fire department which was completely volunteer. They did not think it was broken but wanted to send me on the next ferry back to the mainland for an x-ray. We made a lot of people mad waiting in the ferry line. It was a holiday weekend which meant you normally had to wait in the ferry line for a couple trips just to get on. The fire department made sure we were the first on the ferry. We went to the urgent care on the mainland and they determine by x-ray it was just a bad sprain and gave me crutches. One the way back on the ferry. I was caught by the same fireman who helped us out on the island, hoping down the ferry line on one foot. He was not happy with me!


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