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Monday, January 19, 2009


Tales of Tanya

I went to elementary school at Sherman Elementary in Tacoma. It was a typical six years at school.
In Kindergarten I had a male teacher whom did not really know what he was doing so it was an interesting year. I attended all six years with my cousin Jaime.
We were more like sisters as we were only born 8 days apart. We had our share of sibling: rivalry in school. During elementary school we were not even allowed to be in the same class together! I remember once we were in 4th or 5th grads and we both were in the nurses office at the same time. We weren't sick. We ended up getting sent back to class because we were kicking each other from the beds we were laying in! Since I attended Sherman the school has been torn down and rebuilt. So nothing is the same! Both Little Man and Little Princess will probably attend the new Sherman Elementary.
My favorite teacher in elementary school was Mrs. Rosamond. I remember farting during library class once. I was so embarrassed but the librarian told everyone to look up a book on bodily functions!
We had a play while I was in elementary school of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I don't remember what part I played.
I also recall a talent show where me and some friends dances to the song, "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was (Was Not).
New Kids on the Block was the cool band while in 5th grade too!


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