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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Fruit 2 Day

I was sent a sample of Fruit 2 Day to try out.

Fruit 2 Day is a new way to eat fruit. No doubt about it, fruit does wonders fr your health. But it is tough enough to get your fill with an on-the-go mommy lifestyle. Now there's a new way to eat fruit. Each Fruit 2 Day contains 2 servings of fruit!

Here is my take. It tastes GREAT! Just like fresh fruit. There are real fruit bits in the drink which I personally do not care for, and also would not recommend for toddlers. It is a bit unexpected if you don't know it has fruit bits in it.

Other than that, it is a yummy drink and super easy way to get 2 servings of fruit! Again not big on the fruit bit pieces, if they ever remake it I would suggest omitting the fruit bits!


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