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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Guitar Hero Little Man APPROVED

My 5-year old has taken a great liking to Nintendo DS and it keeps him occupied in the car. So, this past week when he was given the opportunity by MOM Central to out the new the Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits game for his Nintendo DS there was not a chance he was going to say "NO" to this one. He was asked to test out both Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits game and the Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades game so that he could test out the additional features for multi players. Not only did he get his friends to play with him he even recruited his uncle to test out the multi player mode using both games as they competed against one another and shared songs between the two games- I guess you could call it Nintendo DS Battle of the bands.

The Handheld guitar players can now choose how they raise-up their band from the underground music scene to worldwide rock stardom in Guitar Hero® On Tour: Modern Hits. Featuring a set list comprised of 28 master tracks from influential artists including Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Tenacious D, The Strokes and Weezer, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits expands on the innovative Guitar Hero® gameplay on the Nintendo DS by introducing an all-new Fan Request system that challenges players to jam like never before. Fret board fanatics can once again unleash their inner rock stars anytime, anywhere as they hone their shredding skills and jam to face-melting modern rock tracks from the last five years in Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.
Rock out to today’s hottest tracks – Shred along to 28 master tracks, all modern rock hits from some of the hottest bands including Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Tenacious D, Weezer, The Strokes and more. Players will tour through five all-new venues that are as extreme as the tunes played in them.
Choose your path to stardom – For the first time ever, players can choose how they take their band from the underground music scene to worldwide rock stardom with the exciting non-linear gameplay progression in Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.
Do it for the fans – Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits delivers an all-new gameplay experience with Fan Requests. By completing Fan Requests players build their fan base and open up new challenges to rock-out like never before including jamming to an entire song in Hyperspeed, battling it out in a Guitar Duel with active Bomb Notes or whammying every single hold note in a song.
Rock out anytime, anywhere – Fans can take the Guitar Hero experience wherever they go with Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits. The Guitar Hero™ Guitar Grip™ mimics a guitar fret board and fits seamlessly in people’s hands to deliver the same core game play that defines Guitar Hero. We did have some problems with the Guitar Grips coming out of the game during play. This was kind of frustrating becasue you have to turn the DS off and restart. Also just a side note if your child has a Nerf cover on their DS you will have to remove it to play these games. They should make some sort of extention for the grip so you don't have to continually take the Nurf cover on and off.
The party never stops – Song streaming features allow players of Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and its predecessors, Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, to share songs via local wireless connectivity. Players can rock out together in multiplayer modes, jamming to tracks from all three versions of the game.


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