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Monday, July 27, 2009



This past week we have been full of milestones!
First Little Man has not only one but TWO loose teeth! Both of this front two bottom teeth are loose and the adult teeth are already growing in behind them. We keep telling him to play with them so they will fall out soon!
Little Princess had a very exciting weekend! First off, solid foods! We started this weekend with avocados! YUM! She was not so sure about the texture but did not seem to mind the taste.
Next, rolling over! She rolled over for daddy last weekend but only him and brother saw it. But this weekend she was all over the place. Friday night she had problems going to bed because she was fighting sleep and kept rolling herself over and getting even more mad because she was stuck on her stomach! So much to my surprise when she woke up Monday at 3:30 am to eat she was fully asleep on her stomach! (Yes I went in to check on her). And again in the morning was asleep on her stomach as well. And yes she is only getting up ONCE a night now. Anywhere from 1am-5am. Then will sleep until 8am or 9am if you let her!
My favorite milestone so far, "ma ma ma ma."!!!!! And then I hear "She said 'brother' did you hear her?" coming from Little Man!
Cherish every moment, because they grow so quickly and in an instant it can all be over.
Other than that life is as crazy as ever! Don't forget to check out on Tuesdays at 7PM PST for ALL moms!
I will try to post pictures soon.
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