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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


10 Way to Get Fit after the Holidays

I am participating in a TwitterMoms contest to enter to win a EA SPORTS Active Personal Trainer from Wii!
Here are my 10 tips to get fit after the holidays!
1. Eat LESS - Americans have the BIGGEST portions in the world!
2. Get out and EXERCISE!
3. Join a gym! I did!
4. Use your Wii Fit! Yes I LOVE my Wii Fit!
5. Cut the coffee! Cutting those morning runs to Starbucks all together would be best but if you just can't go without, cut DOWN!
6. Eat healthier! Snack on veggies instead of chips!
7. Chase your kids. Having 2 small ones I love chasing them around the burning calories!
8. Walk you dog. Or borrow the neighbors.
9. Take advantage of On Demand, they have TONS of free workouts you can do from home.
10. Just have fun! Getting fit should be a fun lifestyle change!


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December 28, 2009 at 1:20 PM delete

Its such an easy list yet so hard to actually do.