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Monday, December 21, 2009


Ahh Kids At Christmas

So all night on Friday and all day on Saturday Little Man kept asking me if he had to wear the earrings his friend "Turtle" bought him. Hmm I wondered, I know he chose Little Man's gift himself but his mom would not have let him buy him earrings would she?

Saturday night we had our friends over for dinner as we do every year. We exchanged gifts and no earrings. I was not sure what he was talking about.

Then I heard the story of the year from Turtle's mom!

Little Man was over at their house and there was a jewelry box on her table. He was asked not to touch it. He said "It's my Christmas present isn't it?"

He was told in fact it was not. But he kept insisting it was.

Son finally Turtle's mom said, "Yes it is your present we bought you earrings from the jewelry store."

To his disappointment Little Man said "But I can't wear earrings I have no holes."

My friend simply explained we will just add holes to his ears then for him to wear them.
LOL so after all that "sneaking" he did not get earrings for Christmas. But he was sure worried for the week that he was getting earrings and that we would give him holes to wear them in!


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