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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Draw Plus Math

My son LOVES to draw and loves crafts. What better way to help him learn math than Draw Plus Math.

Enhance Math Learning
Through Art Activities

Studies consistently show that when it comes to mathematics, American students don't come close to the level of achievement reached by their peers around the world. A hot new book promises to solve that problem using art activities to explore basic math concepts.
In her 12th title from Peel Productions, (1-2-3 Draw series total: 23 titles; over 1.5 million sold), Freddie Levin uses her proven, step-by-step drawing instructions to offer lessons that supplement math learning in an innovative way. Draw Plus Math: Enhance Math Learning Through Art Activities presents lessons based on learning goals outlined by the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM;

By enhancing math learning through art activities with exercises and games, Levin turns the sometimes frightening and often challenging concepts of math into something fun and approachable. Colorful robots, critters, odd creatures, and more all play an active role in teaching beginning math concepts.

Veteran teacher Kathy Teitelman comments, "This activity book contains how-to-draw lessons cleverly woven with major math concepts. It's an entertaining way for new math concepts to be introduced to younger students or reviewed by older students."
Story ideas that could be developed using Draw Plus Math
- Math Is All Around Us...Let's Count the Ways
- Shape Up Your Math Skills With Drawings
- Numbers Can Be Fun When You Add a Pencil &
  Some Crayons
"Do your kids like math and art? If so, Draw Plus Math is a book you need in your house! It has step by step drawing lessons in it. However, each lesson also includes some math concepts. They are seamlessly worked in, so that your kids don't even realize they are learning math. With this book, they will learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, relative amounts, set and groups, shapes, patterns, symmetry, sorting, relative position, sequence, fractions, graphs, and data analysis....The best part -- your kids will enjoy doing the activities in this book. I know mine did! My six year old could do the math for the majority of the book. I had to help with some of the concepts. However, she was able to do the drawing and was pretty proud of herself. This is just such a great combination of skills to be learning together. I'd recommend this book!"               - Lisa Martin,


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