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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Tiling is not for sissys! Lessons learned today...

So being home since August I have started taking on some much needed home improvement projects, from moving light fixtures, to fixing leaky pipes and now onto removing the MOST disgusting CARPET in our bathrooms and replacing them with porcelain tile.

My husband's comment was, we can put linoleum in the small bathroom because I don't think you will have fun doing it. I of course then insisted I start with the small bathroom that way I would not give up and had to finish BOTH bathrooms!

Well whoever said a woman could single handly install tile with a 1-year old at home was sadly mistaken, oh wait that was me!

#1 Do it nude, no I'm not joking. This will save you from ruining your favorite lounge wear while it is now caked with mortar!

#2 Whoever said you could mix mortar by hand was smokin' SOMETHING!

#3 Unless you lift weights daily do not even attempt to drive the heads of the screws flush with the backer board. If you don't believe then ask me why there is a drill bit holding in part of the junction box for our new bathroom light and not a screw, um because I don't have that upper body strength and no one would help me!

#4 Don't try this at home.

OH by the way did I mention all I did today was install the backerboard? I do have to say I was HIGHLY impressed with myself that I was able to cut the hole for the toilet waste pipe And that it all fit nicely back together once I had to take it all out and put mortar under the backer board, yes some people actually believe this is the correct way to install backer board!

Tonight, the dry run! Tomorrow.....


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October 12, 2010 at 9:17 PM delete

Tanya, you rock! : ) My best friend, who is one of the best tile setters in the world imho, admires you for even trying to do this by yourself. He says that most of his male friends wouldn't even attempt to do this without help. So, he says KUDOS to you and keep going...adventures and all!!! : )