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Friday, May 16, 2008


For Benny' Heart

I heard this story on the radio (94.1 KPMS) on Thursday and I could not help but to blog about it and hopefully get the word out.

This is from Connie Berg of Duvall, WA

"Benny is NOT yet on the heart transplant list. He is in the unfortunate position of needing a new heart but not being "quite" bad enough to get on the transplant list. His doctors have told him to hope for the best but plan for the worst. Benny and Tonya have accumulated close to $100,000 in debt from hospital bills. (Benny was just admitted again last weekend and had to have some unexpected surgery). They are working with the hospitals to get their bills reduced as they have no health insurance. Tonya is now working at Safeway in Duvall to try and earn some additional income and to hopefully be able to get some health insurance in the future. They have their restaurant for sale as Benny is not able to work or drive. They have six kids, some of whom help to keep the restaurant open for breakfast and lunch. When this all started, I told Benny and Tonya that we wanted an account set up for them that they could use now to help alleviate some of the stress of all their debt. Hopefully, some of our money will help actually buy his new heart which will cost over $300,00, none of which is currently covered by insurance. Our family is hoping that Benny can find the strength to get bad enough to get on the list and then hold on until a donor match can be found. I believe in miracles so I know there is a new heart out there somewhere, waiting just for Benny!"

Her daughter Randy got the idea to raise money for Benny. There are collection jars available. Please let me know if you are interested in one and I will contact Connie.
"When Randy got this idea, she sat down and wrote on a piece of paper, For Benny's Heart, I Love You. I made copies of her note and used the copies as labels for the jars. She had only met Benny a couple of times but just has a heart to try and help people. We're really proud of her!"

Benny and his wife Tonya helped their community out during the winter storm we had in 2006. They opened their restaurant at no cost to neighbors, friends, and families.

We can all make a difference here. Please help if you can.

Please visit your nearest Bank of America and make a donation (Donations for Benny can be made at any Bank of America location. The account name is Benny and Tonya Lagmay/heart fund. )
For Benny's Heart


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