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Monday, May 19, 2008


I love being the mom of a 4-year old but NOT all the time

So tonight we headed to the Tacoma Rainiers game, like many nights. We got in, sat, listened to the National Anthem and then it started. He told my mom who has season tickets next to us to GO HOME! He started pushing her yelling GO HOME! She asked him to stop. I asked him to stop GO HOME! After about three minutes of pushing and GO HOMEing I told him if he said it again we would be leaving. That was it the final GO HOME. I proceeded to pick him up in which prompted the yelling, crying and kicking to start. Over the shoulder he went, because that was the only way I could get him to go with me. Kicking my back he lost a shoe. I was going to leave it but the people behind us handed it to me. So the crying and kicking continued until we arrived at the concourse at which time I put him on a bench before I dropped him from the weight and flailing. I told him if he was ready to talk to me and look me in the eyes I would give him a second chance. Three more minutes of crying I DONT WANT TO GO HOME. So that's it he is not going to calm down anytime soon. We exit the stadium as the security guards comment "That was a short game." We get to the car and unfortunately need dinner, because we were going to eat at the game. So we stop at Jack in the Box with the never ending drive through line and he continues to wail from the back seat. I was surprised the guy on the intercom could even hear me. I order Little Man's food and then I hear "I DONT WANT FRENCH FRIES" come screaming from the back seat. Well at least I know he can cry and listen at the same time. So 15 minutes through the Jack in the Box line and I think I have finally calmed down until I have to break the news to him that we will not be returning to the game tonight. I love being the mom of a 4-year old but NOT all the time.


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