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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My friends, The Fredsti's

I just wanted to share this with everyone:

I have some friends, The Fredsti's, Mary Ann and Steffan. These are probably two of the most wonderful, strong, compassionate people I know. For years Mary Ann and Steffan attempted to conceive a child, after 8 plus years they were blessed with the conception of twins. Stationed in Germany they were immediately reassigned to the States and stopped in California to visit family, where we flew down and visited. On the last day of our visit Mary Ann went into labor at 24 weeks. For 10 days after that her labor was stopped so that they could transfer her to a hospital who could handle preemies. She delivered Faith (just under 1 pound) and Sancar "Kevin" (just over 1 pound) at 26 weeks. Faith lived for 9 days before passing peacefully to Heaven. Now Kevin on the other hand was the little fighter! Just a little over a year later Mary Ann and Steffan were blessed again with Katie, their little red-headed spitfire.

Kevin is now almost 3 years old and has fought through over 20 brain surgeries. Last week Kevin decided that enough is enough and he started to refuse his feeds.

Last night Kevin was put on hospice care. Mary Ann and Steffan have been so strong through all of this and have put on this incredibly strong forefront. I envy their capability to handle this situation. I also forgot to mention in the midst of all of this Steffan did two tours in Iraq and was shot in the shoulder during his second tour.

I just want to share the love and compassion these two wonderful people have for themselves and their children. Many think it is unfair with everything they have been through. But they would never trade it for the world.

If you have children and are reading this post, please give them a big hug. We often take life for granted and our health and the health of our children, as annoying as they can be at times.

I want to dedicate this moment to Steffan and Mary Ann Fredsti, my friends, and in many ways my mentors. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We love you all, Kevin, Katie, Faith, Steffan, and Mary Ann. We could never have asked for better friends.


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