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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My teeth are going green!

And no I don't mean like gross have not brushed in days green!

The Preserve line takes recycled BPA and phthalate-free plastic, including yogurt cups, and re-recycles them into stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly toothbrushes. And when it's time to get new toothbrushes for the family, you can print out a pre-paid postage label from Recycline's website, send the used toothbrushes back to them and the plastic will live on as a deck, picnic table, or boardwalk. The line also includes Preserve Jr. toothbrushes for kids, with animal colors and shapes, making it easy for us to get an early start when it comes to promoting eco-friendly habits.
Preserve toothbrushes, which are available at Target stores nationwide for only $2.04, and the coupons which can be found at,

This is a very interesting toothbrush, works great. Has an interesting curve to it which I have never seen on another toothbrush. Carson wants to know why I got one and not him! Guess he will be next on the list.


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