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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My topless tank!

Okay they are officially called the topless undershirt, but who cares. I ordered white, goes with everything. I put it on today. NO tag LOVE it. Super soft. I wore for over 10 hours. No rolling. No falling down (okay maybe a little in the back but nothing noticeable). No bunchiness up top to worry about. It was GREAT!!!! I highly suggest if you are a "layerer", "long waisted", maybe even pregnant or just can't find shirts that are long enough, then try them. You will not be disappointed. They pull up to right below your bra line. I tuck mine under my bra. Can't even tell it is there.

Created by Blush Accessories, They come in 14 colors and 6 patterns. Also come with lace at the bottom. You can purchase them on several websites, I suggest


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