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Monday, July 21, 2008


My passion!

I have shared this before on my BLOG but I have some new readers so I wanted to
share again with everyone my passion.

Several months ago my friend, Trisha, asked me to help her with a new organization for mom's called 24/7 MOMS that she wanted to start. Both of us being former MOPS ( mothers of preschoolers) moms I knew this was a great idea. Here is what is so unique about the 24/7 MOMS organization , we are open to MOMS with children of ALL ages. We are
currently an online group with the purpose to EQUIP, CONNECT, and INSPIRE
mothers. We have MOMS from all over the country in our group. Our website is
still under construction so we are using a Yahoo group and a blog . We are also very pleased to announce our first ever MOMS Conference coming this October 10-11 to the Wesley Inn in Gig Harbor, WA with Julie Barnhill and Trisha Novotny as our keynote speakers. There will also be workshops, chocolate extravaganza, and lots of late night fun including the first ever MOMS Favorite event ( Oprah style) . So I hope you all have time to stop by and check us out. If you are not a MOM let a MOM know. Hope to see you there!


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