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Monday, July 14, 2008


Shower Secrets

I HATE cleaning our shower and tub. I always seem to miss a spot. And I am so sore and tired afterwards. Normally I clean the tub first and don't always make it to the surround. Now I have found a new product from Johnson, called Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber. First let me say I love everything with "Scrubbing Bubbles" in the title but this product makes cleaning the shower and bath SO much easier and quicker. I actually get to the WHOLE tub now!

Click here to get a coupon for $2.75 your very own, Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber.
Did you know:

  • Elbow Grease. Woman associate their elbows with words and phrases like "dry" (34 percent), "wrinkly" (19 percent) and "elbow grease" (13 percent). It doesn't help that 43 percent of women at least somewhat agree that using elbow grease when scrubbing leaves them sorer than a typical workout.
  • Hide-and-seek. More than two in five women (44 percent) admit to having peeked around the bathroom when visiting someone else's home, most commonly looking inside the medicine cabinet or drawers (28 percent). About one in five women (19 percent) also admit to peeking behind the shower curtain.
  • Shower confessions. Most women (80 percent) admit they dislike cleaning the shower and bathtub, but they seem to be unwilling to sacrifice cleanliness. More than half of women (48 percent) clean heir shower or bathtub at least once a week, and more than one in ten (14 percent) do so at least once daily.
  • Behind the shower curtain. Ever wondered what quirky things women do while they are taking a shower or bath? Among the 67 percent of women who typically engage in other activities while bathing, 64 percent daydream, 43 percent sing, 30 percent clean the shower or bathtub, 34 percent talk to themselves, 17 percent brush their teeth, 11 percent dance and 3 percent clean a pet.
  • Would you rather...? Many women would rather participate in a variety of unpleasant activities like paying household bills (23 percent), writing thank you notes (11 percent), or sitting in traffic (11 percent ) than spend time and energy cleaning their bathtubs, they can't stand chapped hands and chipped nails (34 percent), how often it needs cleaned (38 percent) and muscle soreness (23 percent).


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