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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Pajama Drama

So Little Man INSISTS upon wearing "jammies" to bed. Even when it is 85 degrees in our house I have to BEG him to just wear a t-shirt and underwear to bed. So last night I had a meeting for the upcoming 24/7 MOMS conference ( and daddy was in charge of putting Little Man to bed. Well at the same time Little Man is currently living out of laundry baskets because he has managed to demolish his dresser by standing in the drawers. So this morning when I got up Little Man met me at the door to inform me, not only did daddy NOT read him a book, only sang him a song, BUT that he did not look for "jammies" in the laundry room. And there he stood devastated that he was subjected to wearing a t-shirt and underwear to bed. I had to laugh and tell him it was okay we would let daddy know where the "jammies" were for next time!


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Vickie Musni
July 24, 2008 at 9:01 PM delete

Ah, pajama drama...when my first two kids were that age I started dressing them the night before if we had MOPS in the morning or anything else that required us being out of the house before 9am. When they first start preschool they took their baths at night and put on their clothes for the next day. (Can you say, NOT a morning person!) It actually took them a LONG time to get used to the idea of wearing pajamas to bed!