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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Boys and Peeing

So recently Carson has started an interesting bathroom technique, if you could call it that. I think it is a cause and effect experiment for his age. First of all around the end of August he has become the most MODEST child ever. He does not want anyone to see him change clothes. It is so funny.

That is another story though.

Anyways the new bathroom technique is peeing with the toilet seat down. Now he know he "drips" on the seat and has to clean it off but he recently wants to know what happens if he pees too close to the seat. Well, it goes through and guess what, he gets a lesson in cleaning the toilet and the bathroom floor!

Well the other night he got a new lesson. Sometimes when you are trying to pee between the toilet seat and the toilet you pee on yourself! I was SO funny. At first he did not realize he had done it until he pulled up his pants and there is was ALL over the front. I explained to him that is why boys lift ALL the toilet seats because they go to the bathroom.

He has not done it since!


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