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Friday, September 26, 2008


Week 14

Well week 14 is here and in full swing! I wish I could say I was feeling GREAT, unfortunately I'm not!

I seem to only "toss my cookies" on weekends. Unfortunately I'm always at someone house! Sorry Kelly and Michelle! On week days I have come to the conclusion if I eat I either get sick or will feel sick. The only thing that seem to not make me sick are Costco hot dogs, Taco Bell bean burritos, and beef stroganoff. Weird I know but that is how it is right now.

I want to eat everything but nothing sounds good.

I lost another pound this month! And got to hear the baby heartbeat on Wednesday. I recorded it for Carson and daddy to hear as well. So that is it. Pregnant and sick. What we go through for our kids huh!


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