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Friday, March 13, 2009


Are you a leaky mom? I am!

So with Little Man there was not a whole lot of breastfeeding, however I did notice that when I fed him or pumped from one side the other side would leak. Hhmmm, what a waste! That hard earned milk just being soaked up by a nursing pad. I asked other moms what they did. I got answers from "I stuff a diaper down there" to "I put a burp cloth in my bra."

I have found the coolest gadget that saves your milk, easily! It's called Milkies Milk-Saver! It fits perfectly into your bra while you breastfeed or you can also attach the bag of your choice to collect your milk in.

The case also is used as a stand so you have somewhere to put it when you are getting finished up!

It amazes me how much I collect from my "non-nursing" side. I'm glad I found this product so I don't loose that valuable milk!
So are you a leaky mama? And if you are are you saving that precious milk? Or soaking it up with a diaper?


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