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Monday, March 30, 2009


Week 4

Well we have officially made it through our first month of life! Man are her cheeks getting chubby too! But they are SO cute I just want to pinch them every time! We are still sleeping in 3 hours increments and are now more awake during the day. We seem to have started a small routine as in we are awake for a couple hours first thing in the morning around 8am and then another two hours again around 5pm or 6pm. Other than that it is just off and on throughout the day. But after I am awake that long I sleep VERY soundly (not a lot of grunting). She does still LOVE to grunt though. People have asked how I get any sleep. I have learned her noises. She is a very good baby and only fusses when she is hungry. Still very gassy. She can put daddy and brother to shame passing gas and pooping! Mommy, daddy and brother are all still good. Brother is very excited when he gets to help. Here is a video of them and also of her grunting.


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