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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Wrap me up baby!

I never used a wrap with Little Man but with Little Princess I wanted to use one because they looked SO comfortable. So how do you choose? I have heard great things about so many of them. And I am sure they are all nice or good in their own way!

The nice people from Sleepy Wrap sent me a wrap to review. HOW comfortable! We used it the first time when Little Man's preschool class went to Petco. So I decided what a great time to try it out. She was SO cute in it. I did not have to hold her head or anything. I was completely hands free!
Here are some great reasons why I like the Sleepy Wrap:
-gives great support for little heads and necks -especially when your baby falls asleep
-your baby fits just perfectly every time! -no guessing how much room you will need to leave for you baby to fit inside without being too tight or too loose
-good quality fabric -heavier cotton knit with a touch of spandex-the ideal material for babywearing
-custom fit- simply tie the wrap carrier snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit!
-no pressure points on your baby -no pressure on developing hips or spines like other hard baby carriers which place pressure on your baby’s pelvis
-holds your baby high -the fabric bounces back unlike the t-shirt like material of other stretchy baby wraps to keep your baby snug against your chest
-adjustable -just enough give so that there is no need for readjusting
-much more snug than carrying a car seat* or other bulky carrier
-secure -no wrinkles, bulges of loose material, or sagging when babywearing
-grows with you and your baby -it's optimal for infants yet you may continue to carry your baby with this wrap baby carrier as long as you are both comfortable
-no baby is too small -the baby wrap is designed for the tiniest of babies
and the list goes on...
Check out Sleepy Wrap today! Go to and enter the code TanyaPeila to get 10% off your purchase!


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