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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Little Princess' New Toy

Little Princess got a set of Mind Shapes to review and boy does she love it! I was even able to catch the first smile on picture! My friends at Manhattan Toy sent us their award winning Mind-Shapes designed by Wimmer-Ferguson.

Wimmer-Ferguson was the original innovator of black and white developmental baby toys. They first broke ground when they introduced the Stimobile many years ago.

Manhattan Toy was founded in 1979 by Francis Goldwyn (grandson of motion picture studio owner Sam Goldwyn), Manhattan Toy pioneered the use of non-traditional fabrics in toy design and introduced delightful new body styles in soft toys. Although Goldwyn is no longer involved in the ownership of Manhattan Toy, we remain true to his vision of marching to the beat of a different (toy) drum.

The Mind Shapes are three plush shapes that have the crinkle noise, rattle and hidden chime sound. The stimulating black and white graphics and textured fabric serve as a great developmental toy for babies 0-24 months.

We hung our Mind Shapes from Little Princess' bouncy seat. She loves to try to hit them and stares at them! It is GREAT!

Manhattan Toys have many other developmental toys for babies as well as just plain toys for children through preschool.

When Little Man was little he loved the Whoozit Baby, the Winkel and the Skwish ! I am sure we still them around here somewhere!

Check out Manhattan Toy today!


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May 7, 2009 at 12:06 PM delete

I love your blog! I have a "Little Man" too, but he isn't so little anymore. [In fact, he won't let me call him that anymore.] Oh well, I still have naked baby pics of him to share...[lol]