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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Cities

Well I have not been to a lot of places so some of these may be places I have never been but WANT to do to:

1. Disneyland, not really a CITY but still my favorite place on earth!

2. Hawaii, again not a city but would love to go there one day.

3. Tuscany, never been there but would love to go.

4. Portland. I have been here and during the summer a great place to go with TONS to do outdoors.

5. Nashville, the city that never sleeps. I was planning on moving here. Before I left I meet Milkman and obviously fell in love and never moved. I visited and would love to go back.

6. Las Vegas, great place, very hot. I don't really like the gambling but the shows and FOOD are GREAT!


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