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Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm Back! Week 13

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm back from my Blogcation! So we made it through three months! YEAH! Little Princess is smiling and cooing a lot! She also tried to laugh but no sound comes out so it is SO cute! No rolling over yet but desperately trying. We got a Bumbo seat and still a little bit wobbly but she loves to try and sit up like a big girl. Her favorite thing, kissing noises! She thinks it is hilarious! She is up to about 13 pounds. Still in 0-3 months clothing! Just started getting up only twice a night this past weekend!

Little Man is growing SO fast too! Just bought him size 13 kids shoes! He only have 8 more days of preschool left and he will officially be a Kindergartner! They do grow SO fast! He has a couple more t-ball games. And of course loves any type of book and video game. He also has taken a liking to Bakugan's even though he does not know how to "play" it.

Me and Milkman are great, still adjusting to two children. Yes we are still sleeping in separate rooms! But we did that with the first too! Before you know it Little Princess will be in her own room and daddy and mommy will be in the same bed again. Some think it is odd that we do this but it works for us!

That is our update for now. I will try to post some more pics later this week and/or next week!


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