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Monday, January 4, 2010


Weight Loss Challenge 2010

Ok so this is not a resolution just something that has to be done!
My goal = 25 pounds by June 19th 2010 and an additional 25 by December 31, 2010
So I might as well share with the world! I will weigh myself and yes you will see it tomorrow.
So NO diet. I refuse! But I do believe in
1. trying to eat better,
2. snack healthier and
3. start exercising. (Yes I said the E Word)
4. Cut down on Starbucks, yes sorry to report maximum 3 times a week.
5. And cut down on the soda, switching to diet at home to start with.
And...progress today I made the appointment with the personal trainer for Sunday.
Exercise goal, workout three times a week, Sunday - Wednesday and the other days use the Wii. Yes I know lame but that is how it has to be with my busy schedule. Maybe someone will give me one of the new EA Wii's to test out?
And today I ate a donut! Yes they say if you want it eat it in moderation. So I did. Because normally I buy the entire dozen and eat two or three. So I ate one. actualy weight! Scary!
166 days to go, and 25 pounds...


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