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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Kissing Hands Necklace - From No Time For Flash Cards

I get this newsletter everyday and I just love the thought of this craft. Especially for deployed soldiers!
Kissing Hand Necklace (see link for pictures of this craft!)
1. Gather your materials. Today we are using Shrinky Dinks- yes they still exist! I got ours at Micheal’s, as well as colored pencils, scissors, a baking sheet with parchment paper, a hole punch and some ribbon or plastic thread. My son picked his out, honestly I would use ribbon if I were you, the plastic thread doesn’t lay flat when you wear it.
2. Start by tracing your little one’s hand with a colored pencil.
3. Ask them to dictate ( or write if they can) what they want to say.
4. Have them color it.
5. Make your own hand as well. Remember your hand will be worn by your child so write them a note.
6. Cut out.
7. Punch a hole in each.
8. Watch them shrink.
9. Don’t take your eyes off them when they lay flat it’s time to take them out.
10. Let cool and thread the ribbon and thread through.
11. Pop it on and when you miss each other you have a message to remind you of the bond and love you share!


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