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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Spring is coming! Are you ready?

I am SO excited for spring to arrive! I know it is coming because my crocus have started to bloom. My favorite thing to do every spring is find a spot for a garden and start my seeds! This year I am lucky enough to have a garden in the back of our house. However the previous owner has made me look deeper into gardening. She grew all sorts of herbs and veggies in pots! It is AMAZING to me!

First I subscribed to Average Person Gardening. I get a weekly newsletter with great tips! This weeks tip I love is Italian Herb Garden - How To Establish Your Own One.

I then quickly learned about their Seeds of the Month club! Your first month is free. Then after that it is ONLY $20 a year! And you get four seed packets per month!

You can join the Seeds of the Month by clicking here!

My next shipment comes in just 11 days!

I am learning TONS about gardening and pruning!

This last weekend I pruned blackberry bushes and two different varieties of grapes. This weekend I head for the kiwi tree and blueberry bushes.

Little Man is super excited as he can snack on anything outside!

I would love to connect with you all on your gardening tips and passions! I also hope you will all join the Seeds of the Month club so we can garden together!


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