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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Soft Scrub TOTAL

I am a proud Soft Scrub Club Captain, because I LOVE Soft Scrub! I normally just use soft scrub on my kitchen sink to get it back to nice and white! However I was recently given a seek peek into the newest product of the Soft Scrub family, Soft Scrub TOTAL!

Coming in two varieties, Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl and Soft Scrub Total Kitchen. I no long have to use multiple products in my kitchen and bathroom. One for each and voila! all done!

The BEST part of it all (well two best parts) the nozzle allows you to get a stream or a foam which is SUPER and even better yet it sprays upside down! Yes moms and dads you can use it in the toilet, shower, or anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom and not have or worry about keeping it upright!

Find your own coupon HERE for great savings on New Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl or Soft Scrub Total Kitchen coming to store near you!
I received a free sample from Soft Scrub to write a review on this product.


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