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Friday, February 12, 2010


LOL Kids say the cutest things!

So this morning I was washing my face with my Clarisonic, (basically a vibrating brush works GREAT). Little Man asked what I was doing. I told him "Washing my face."
He proceeds to tell me that he saw on "real" t.v. that there was this thing you could put around your tummy that made your tummy REALLY flat (showing me the visual of a size 0). But then he said the lady on the t.v. still had an ugly face because she was really old. Then he told me I was really old. LOL. Of course he took that part back.
Then he said people can go to the store and buy it if they want a flat tummy but he forgot which store.
Then he blurts out "Costco! They have it a Costco!"
They are so innocent!
Last night he told me it looked like I had a baby in my tummy. I told him "nope just fat." Then he asked why I had tummy fat and I told him it was because of his sister just like I have gray hair from him!
Hope you got a good laught at this today!


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