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Monday, November 1, 2010


10 Ways for Parents to Stay Sane during the Holidays by Leslie Jacobs

1.Realize that life is NOT a Rockwell Painting-aim for quality time with your family; don't try to cram too much in.
2.If you are visiting your families in another state, send your presents ahead of time, or just buy gift certificates (especially great for teenagers) to lessen your travel load.
3.Make only ONE LIST for everything you need to do.
4.Save time and enlist the help of your family and friends. If you best friend is shopping at a store you need something at; ask her to get it for you.
5.Save on gas, use for shopping, and if you spend 25 dollars, you will get free shipping.
6.If you are having a party and your guests ask if they can bring something; take them up on it.
7.Do something different. Instead of a big party with lots of different entree foods, invite everyone over for just dessert.
8.Buy your significant other or friend an item from their childhood (Partridge family lunchbox anyone?).  Use or other online auctions for these types of gifts.
9.Keep ONLY the holiday cards you LOVE, toss out the others. (No one will know you tossed them out.)10.Shop only on weeknights, when everyone else is home.
Growing up, Leslie Jacobs' bedroom was an organizing dream.  Her David Cassidy photos were so even, they looked like wall paper; she graduated from University of Bridgeport with a degree in Journalism and received her Master's degree from Wesleyan in 1989.  After college, she became a photographer working for United Press International and photographed everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Paul Newman to Henry Kissinger.  Jacobs added fundraising to her many skills and spent 10 years raising money for various non-profits.

In the spring of 1999, she walked into her Cousin Sheila's kitchen and opened a cabinet. Plastic Tupperware came tumbling out and Jacobs innocently asked if she could organize this for her.  Within two hours, the kitchen was organized and Sheila was explaining how Jacobs could turn her talent into a business.

Twenty-four hours later Les Is More, Jacobs' professional organizing service was born. (Les is More, because her first name is Leslie!)

Jacobs gives speeches, writes  an organizing column in the New Britain City Journal, among other publications, and helps people and business get organized. She also has been on Better Connecticut, Better TV and many radio shows and dreams of being on radio doing a call in show to help people get organized and live clutter-free.

She created Les Mess, the only organizing game for children ages 6-12 which was recently touted in Parenting Magazine and spends many hours a week with clients doing her phone organizing which is like having a personal organizer on speed dial, said a Les Is More client.  Jacobs sells her Les Mess games and phone organizing on her website.


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