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Monday, November 22, 2010


My Weekend Project

Being on a budget it can be hard to remodel your house!
So first I started working on the half bath. I'm ALMOST done. Just working on the last finishing touch up paint and decorations. Decor can be expensive! I found a great idea at the craft store but the "paint molding clay" they used was more than the canvas'! So I improvised!

Here is what I did this weekend to fill an empty wall and only spent about $20 total!

Supplies Needed
3 - 12"x12" blank painting canvas'

1 can of spray paint in your chioce of color
Leaves, ferns, etc. from you yard (you could also use flowers and rocks)
Rubber Gloves
Small putty knife
CrackSHOT ® Spackling Paste - you only need about 1 cup total so a small container will work (You can get at your home improvement store)

 1. Using the small putty knife apply Spackling Paste over entire canvas about 1/4" thick. It is ok if you can see lines in the spackle. It adds to the effect.

2. Make sure your gloves are on and press (vien side down) your leaves, ferns, flowers etc. on the  Spackling Paste.

3. Now starting on the edges spray paint the sides of the frame and then start spraying over your leaves and such. You can spray as much or as little as you would like. I sprayed the outter edge darker then in the inner part.

4. Immediatly remove your leaves rocks, flowers, etc. Again you can leave the spakle underneath white or lightly spray over it which is what I did.

5. Repeat with the other two canvas'.

6. Let is dry over night and voila! you have three great pices of art for under $10 EACH!


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